Sunday, October 26, 2008

tales from a porteno

well. this is my first entry. the blogger web site is automatically set to be in spanish so this is really a trial run down here. im in buenos aires. i know no spanish. well, i took a class last week. 4 hours a day every day. except i cut class on friday. 

i know how to ask for the check--"la cuenta, por favor". 

"anteojos"= eye glasses. 

"rubillo" = blonde

"me llamo" = my name

my view: (help, how to insert picture here... attempting to navigate website) 
wish me luck "Bueno suerte!"


wendy said...

hi lea -- what are you doing in buenos aires?

Sofie said...

lea i just got happy seeing this.

fatema said...

LEA WELCOME TO THE BLOG!!!!!!!!! i can wait to read tales from Buenos planning on going there next year and seeing what happens. what is happening with you?? X

Robin said...

!!!!!!!!!!!! : )