Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The cover of print Magazine for July is a type sculpture by Karsten Schmidt. This is so sexy. I can't breathe.

Check out his Flickr for photos of the ENTIRE process. It's amazing. I could wed him.

Oh wait. He's taken. And he lives in London.
Oh wait. I doubt I could ever be romantically interested in another designer. Especially not another type nerd. Mostly because I suffer from this condition called RCBS (Raving Competitive Bitch Syndrome). I don't know if it's genetic.


Sofie said...

its good i dont suffer from that condition. it will make us the perfect art making duo. However I do suffer from SDID (super dooper indecisive decisive) and I am currently in NA (narcassism annoymous) and I am a clincally declared DD (data dumper).

fatema said...

wow. that was just a major data dump, sofie.