Wednesday, August 20, 2008

CHINA ART!!!!!!!!!

alright. it is time to sit and BLOG. i have a lot to catch up on. 

first: Contemporary Chinese Art at the MoMA in San Francisco.

I was in SF last week, and went to the SFMoMA on Monday. I've seen pretty good stuff there every time I go, but this time was especially interesting to me, since there was this large exhibition on Contemporary Chinese Art. I took it as an encouraging sign, considering I was leaving for the Asian continent..

I learnt that China has some FUNNY artists. Political, with a damn good sense of humour. It made me look forward to what I'll be seeing in HK and China. 

Some artists I took note of:

Yue Minjun: His life-size contemporary terracotta warriors...they are obnoxious, ridiculous, (probably ridiculously priced), but hilariously delightful. 

Gu Wenda: This man is off the hook!!!!!!
Check out the united nations projects....he creates these pieces using Elmer's glue and human hair. At the SFMoMA there was a large panel made up of a phrase repeated in many languages...all written in hair. Hows that for typography??


Lin Tianmiao: Her piece called "Initiator" was rather striking. Similar feel to Gu Wenda's hair pieces, except she uses white string in her sculptures. 

Zhang Huan:
At the SFMoMA there were 3 of his sculptures. Check out his website, there's tons there. 

One more image...a painting by Lui Xiaodong called "Fat Grandson". It perfectly captures the essence of a young mainland Chinese boy. Wendy will agree with me. ....actually i think this kid lives in my building. on the 17th 

a'iight homies. more to come from the MAINland.

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Sofie said...

hmm i can't wait to paint myself as "sausage jew"

OMG fat im so sorry i missed your calls this morning I was sleeping until the UCH guys totally dropped something really loud outside my window. but dude I miss you so much. HOW CAN I CALL YOU?