Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I <3 astrology

(FYI move-in @BaseKamp scheduled for august 15th!!!!)

The second eclipse of the month - and the family of eclipses always come in pairs - will occur on August 16 in Aquarius. This will be a full moon lunar eclipse on that date, and at that time you will be ready to state your future intentions. You are now in a very potent period, where one chapter will end and a new chapter will start up in a few months or weeks.

Creatively, however, you'll be VERY strong at the August 16 eclipse, and actually that would be a fine way to use the Neptune presence at this time. In this case, if you are artistic you'd be using the best part of Neptune, the gift of imagination!

The closer your birthday falls to February 13, the more dramatically you will feel this second eclipse, August 16.

Eclipses bring events that you can't quite sweep under the rug - if you don't take care of all that comes up, no matter what it happens to be, it will be taken out of your hands and taken care of for you by the universe.

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